3 syllabuses 3個音樂課程
Our apps cover the 3 most prestigious music examinations.
Choose one to start practising now.
AURALBOOK 囊括3個權威音樂考試各級的課程,請按你的需要選擇。
Features 特點
User Reviews 用家評論
Highly Recommended
All my students use AURALBOOK. It is great for beginners and more advanced students. It has really helped improve my students' listening skills.
by Hollis White
Brilliant idea for a useful app.
I have been using Aural book for about four years now - Grades 2, 3, 4 & now 5 ... This app allows a huge amount of practice time in your own time. Particular thanks to support staff (through email, really quick response) ... - 😊
by Bernice Rowden
Very useful
I think this series of apps would help and benefit anyone who is studying their aurals ... Aurals are kind of hard to study because it requires a piano and someone who can play reasonably well. So this is very useful.
by Claire Sun
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